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KELL started this conversation

Hello my name is Kelly Abrantes. I am 25 years old, living in Zephyrhills Florida.  I currently am enrolled in college for my Bachelor's Degree in Paralegal.  Me and my family are going through a tough time, and I really could use some help financially.

I am married with 4 kids.  My husband is very supportive of my education, allthough sometimes he thinks I push myself to hard.  I found out when I was pregnant with my 4th child that I have cancer. It is curable but unfortunately we have no health insurance right now and I can't afford to pay for it out of my pocket, so it is just sitting there nesting and spreading.  I really hope to find grants to help me support my family better through my hardship, as well as get my health back to good standing.

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Unfortunately, i can not provide any financial help....i can only pass on some information that was given to my mother when she was diagnosed with cancer. I can only hope that the following link will bring you some help as it did for my mother. http://www.mdanders M.D. Anderson is supposed to be the best Cancer facility in the US. It is my understanding that M.D. Anderson not only provides care for cancer patients but hotlines for the patient, friends and family. The hotline will put the patient intouch with other people with the same type cancer. It is also my understanding that M.D. Anderson provides what they call "Angel Flights". "Angel Flights" is a program that enables the patient to travel by plane to M.D. Anderson. I wish you and your family the best, take care of yourself and eachother.

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